Hi everyone. I hope you’ve all had a good week and you’re ready to face the next one bright and early tomorrow!?

I believe todays modern cereals are not the way to fuel your body for a busy day ahead. They have huge amounts of sugar and not much of what your body really needs, like protein, vitamins and minerals, even the ones that you may think are healthy. For example, something supposedly really healthy like bran flakes based ‘Fruit & fibre’ still has as much as 25% sugar!!

So to help you out, here’s just one alternative for you. I brought my smoothie maker a little while ago and I absolutely love it. Even my husband uses it, but the children run for cover when we use it as they aren’t too keen on the noise! Anyway, check out the video for what goes in it, but trust me, with the ingredients I use it doesn’t even taste ‘Ultra-heathy’ (in other words, horrid but drinkable!).

Also, it’s worth mentioning the importance of not making a smoothie purely from fruit. If you do, although it will taste lovely and sweet, you’ll get a spike of insulin from the high levels of fructose, which defeats the object of having a healthy breakfast alternative in the first place. Using the mix of ingredients shown in the video will keep your blood sugar levels balanced, gives a great hit of protein and vitamins, tastes great and gives you everything you need to go through until lunch without adding any unnecessary fat to your diet! Win, win!

I hope you like it. Let me know?

Love Jenny.