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Train with Jenny,

Working with the personal training expert

Personal training should inspirational and all about you. I think it should be fun too. I don't fill my diary with a production line of basic gym-based training. I specialise in working 1-2-1 with my clients and everything is bespoke. My private studio at my home in Barton-on-Sea provides the very best environment to make you feel relaxed, focused and motivated to achieve your goals.

This is for clients that don't wish to go to a gym or a group exercise class, but want a safe, super-focused yet friendly fitness space to work out in. 

I have loved teaching successfully like this for 20 years.

My job is to get the best possible results for you. I work out a diet and exercise programme that is achievable and gets the right results.

Having a health and fitness expert there at hand to ask any questions, to tweek your programme, to monitor your results or chat over any problems or concerns is a huge advantage and ultimately will get you to where you want to go, faster.

People who pay for a personal service are much more likely to follow advice and make things happen! This is an investment in you, in your health and fitness, in your future. Get in touch to make that step towards the body you want by working with Jenny Palmer Fitness.

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Train with Jenny,

What does it include?

Personal training is not handing you a programme and explaining how to carry out the exercises. That's the role of a gym instructor.

I am a personal trainer, a specialist, and I've got you covered.

So whether you need help with your nutrition, strength and conditioning, injury rehab, pre/post natal exercise, posture, cardiovascular conditioning, it's all covered by personal training with me.

Personal training gives you accountability on your fitness journey.

I'll help your mindset ensure you will get there.

The mind is powerful. We'll get there together

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Train with Jenny, Train with Jenny online,

Why train online?

I've been training people online since 2010, and technology has come a long way since then. I have the best sound and visual equipment enabling me to train you as if I'm with you in person.

Training online has many advantages that mean those that do it, love it.

It gives you back that most valuable of assets: Time.

There's no travelling home soaked in sweat! When you finish an online PT session you walk straight into your own shower and get on with your day.

The accountability is still there, as is the relationship built between client and trainer. When I started my business I didn't even have a mobile phone, now I train people in other countries!... and they're all getting the results they want.

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Jenny Palmer Fitness

Introducing Paula Johnson as part of the JPF team

'Based in Milford on Sea, I live with my husband, two boys and Bentley the dog!

I’ve always been passionate about fitness, running in the forest, gym sessions and generally keeping active. After many years as a company director, I decided it was time to turn that passion into a new career as a Personal Trainer.

The most rewarding part of my job is meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals.

It’s all about the individual, creating a plan to suit you and your lifestyle.'

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Semi-private PT
Workout Group

Semi-private Personal Training

Tailored training in small groups.

Fitness with friends is fun and focused with the same great results, whilst being cheaper than one-to-one training.

Do you love the idea of focused training but also love working out with friends?

Maybe a private training session for you and your partner?

If so, this option is for you and it's a very popular choice.

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