Hi fitness friends,

I really hope you enjoyed the ‘Grab your balls’ series of workouts. I’m still getting nice feedback coming in about it, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love to hear from you, so let me know your thoughts about anything on these blogs or the rest of the website.

Anyway, this week we’re on to legs and bums! Unlike stomachs, bottoms do NOT look good flat. We want toned, sculpted bottoms with curves. That goes for you too men!

Here’s a quick leg workout without any boring straight squats. It requires no equipment and won’t take any more than 6-8 minutes out of your day, so guess what, that means?… NO EXCUSES!

Also, a lot of back problems can stem from having weak glutes and knee pain can be caused by weak quads, so it’s always good to build up the strength in these muscles!

All the major leg muscle groups are involved with this one, so you can join me in the fight against weak, boring flat bums!

Here’s to strong, slim legs and a curvy derriere!!!