Personal Training…


Jenny Palmer
…Should be fun, lighthearted, inspirational and all about you.

I specialise in working 1-to-1 with my clients and have loved teaching like this for 15 years. I don’t over-fill my diary or run a production line of just basic, gym-based training. Everything is bespoke.


Does personal training work?

My job is to get the best possible results for you. Everyone is different, so I work out a diet and exercise programme that is achievable and gets the right results.


Its sooooo easy to not workout, to have an extra glass of wine, to buy a chocolate bar at the petrol station!… All these extra bits add up and don’t get results! Having someone to be accountable to is essential if you’re serious about getting results.


Having a health and fitness expert there at hand to ask any questions, to tweek your programme, to monitor your results, to chat over any problems is a huge advantage and ultimately will get you to where you want to go, faster.


People who pay for a personal service are much more likely to follow advice and make things happen! This is an investment in you, in your health and fitness, in your future. Doing things your way, working out on your own has got you to where you are today.

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My training can consist of:

  • Balance & stability training
  • Suspension training with a TRX
  • Yoga & Pilates inspired functional fitness training
  • Outdoor sessions (See below)
  • Flexibility and foam rolling
  • Swimming pool based exercise




Jenny Palmer Fitness Studio

I have a private personal training studio in Barton-on-Sea, equipped with everything we need. With the added benefit of being in peaceful surroundings, off-road parking and access to the beach to do outdoor training if you wish. Training here, with me, saves money you would otherwise be spending on a gym membership, which in many cases doesn’t get used if you’re training alone (We’ve all done it!)

Home training sessions also work very well and really benefit my clients. It saves you very valuable time, allowing you to get on with more important things,

Home sessions work particularly well with my ultimate mummy programme where child care may be an issue.
I have all the equipment you need and have been successfully teaching sessions like this for many years.

If you prefer to train in a gym, this can be arranged for you. I have access to a excellent private gym in Lymington with parking, showers and even a bar!

Sessions can be booked and organised around your schedule. Please contact me for availability and cost as I maintain a group of regular clients all year round.

Finally, high confidentiality it very important to me. You won’t find any of my clients results or ‘Before & after’ pictures on my website or on social media. If you would like to find out more about their personal experience or results, I can put you in touch with my current clients and they will be happy to chat to you.


standing push up
The most important thing to do now is take the next step. Achieve your goal. Change your body. Turn your diet around or lose those few pounds.

Ask yourself: “How much would I pay to drop a dress size?” or “What would I give to wear the next size down jeans?”.

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