This could literally change your life…

There are so many famous diets around, we’ve lost track! Whether it’s the ‘5 & 2’, the ‘Raw food’, the ‘Atkins’, ‘Weight watchers’ or any of the hundreds of others, there’s usually a success story and a failure linked to all of them. But why do you think the exact same diet that worked for your friend or colleague will work for you? Are you identical twins? Do you both do the same exercise, like the same food, expend or need the same energy each day? No.

Are you sick of trying every diet under the sun that ultimately ends in failure?

Are you fed up with taking over the counter medication to relieve things like trapped wind, headaches or stomach ache?

Do you grab chocolate, coffee or energy drinks in the middle of the afternoon to stop you falling asleep?

As we’ve mentioned before, everything we do is personal to you. To realise the full potential of what your body is capable of, we will design a diet that’s truly specific to you by offering one of the most comprehensive food intolerance tests available.

The end result, after all the science and clever stuff, is an easy to follow, stress free diet plan.

We work in partnership with Lorisian, who specialise in offering laboratory tests that measure food-specific intolerances.

There are many ‘Test at home’ food intolerance kits on the market. But I’m sure, like us, you can’t recreate laboratory testing conditions in your own home! Likewise, many tests do not analyse enough different foods and drinks, which can mean you end up cutting more things out of your diet than you need to! For example, do you,

  1. Want to find out that you have an intolerance to nuts, or
  2. Want to find out that you have an intolerance to almonds, but you can continue to eat walnuts, cashews, coconuts, brazils, etc!?

This test, along with the diet we will design for you and the ongoing monitoring that we will provide will potentially be life changing!

Food intolerance is a condition with a range of symptoms including:

  • Gut symptoms
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Low mood
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Skin problems

Once the results are returned by the lab, we will develop a diet specifically for you to get you feeling your best.

Simply contact us to start the next healthy chapter of your life.

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