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The Ultimate Mummy Programme

Ilove training my yummy mummies! Since having 2 babies in 2 years I completely understand how difficult it is to even find 5 minutes to yourself, let alone time to exercise. And finding time to grab something to eat seems impossible, never mind getting your nutrition right. It was all so easy before the little ones came along!

This is why I have designed my ultimate mummy programme. To help you.

Taking you from thinking about having a baby to getting back into your size 10 jeans!

To give you time to focus on you for a change. To help you feel better, look better and get you fit for purpose – a very busy mummy!


4 phase fitness system

1, Fit For Conception – Feel your best and look your best before the pre-natal phase begins. Improve your chances of your body springing back into fabulous shape after the birth of your baby. Improve your knowledge of pelvic floor exercises and the function of the core as a whole. Preparing your body to be the fittest and healthiest you can be through exercise, nutrition and knowledge.


2, Pre Natal – This includes specialised training through the 3 trimesters, ensuring the correct muscles are strengthened or stretched to prevent adaptive shortening and poor posture. Also, helping to keep energy levels high throughout your pregnancy. Keeping you functionally fit for your very exiting and demanding role as a new mummy! We will also be continuing and developing your pelvic floor exercises, essential for bladder and bowel control during pregnancy, post natal and for the future.


3, Post Natal – when you are ready to continue with your exercise programme (after the 6 week check, up to 6 months post natal) we begin with a thorough assessment and diastastis check of your abdominal muscles. I will grade you on your recovery and this will allow me to give you the correct level of exercises to restore your core muscles for optimum function. We will gently begin to exercise, stretch and help you to feel better within yourself, giving you a bit more energy and gradually restoring your body physically and mentally! The main focus will be on pelvic floor exercise, progressing on to strengthening and cardio fitness. Also stretching any tight muscles that have developed during the last phase of your pregnancy and breast feeding. All exercise sessions can be done with your baby if you like. As a busy mummy myself I completely understand how difficult it is to fit in exercise sessions but also how important it is!


4, Restored – 6 months post natal (later if necessary)
This phase will be focusing on completing the process of getting your body back into amazing condition through exercise and nutrition. We work together to lose that last bit of mummy tummy and get your abdominal muscles back into shape, as well as blast away any excess weight that hasn’t shifted! Introducing a few more dynamic exercises to build your over all fitness and confidence for the even more demanding role of looking after a baby on the move!!!!

Every client is individual and will be assessed to have a programme specifically designed for them depending on their level of recovery and type of birth.

This explains the four different phases of my ultimate mummy programme. I work with you at your house for your convenience and to save you valuable time. As I said, I don’t mind at all if your baby/toddler is with you while you exercise, so you don’t have to worry about child care. The programme has been designed to get you maximum results while being convenient, to make life a little bit easier for you. Sessions can also take place in the great outdoors if you prefer, or in the gym at Elmer’s Court in Lymington, Hampshire.

This is a unique, as well as tried and tested complete and bespoke programme for your child’s most important person; You! So, click here to arrange this with me and become my latest ‘Yummy mummy’!