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Summer Edition

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For women on a fitness mission...

Summer Edition: 10th June - 19th July


Get 37% off with our Class Bundles

Eight perfectly designed bundles of my most popular classes, ready for you to download onto any device for lifetime access.

Which one will you choose?

Train with Jenny, Personal training with Jenny

Personal Training with Jenny

Private personal training, whether online or in person in my studio in Barton-on-Sea, that's completely bespoke and with total commitment to get results that last.

Semi-private personal training with Jenny

Becoming more and more popular since I launched it a few years ago is my training sessions for 2-3 people. Still bespoke, still in my private studio and still gets results, but at a more affordable rate than 1-2-1.

Train with Jenny, Semi-private personal training
Train with Jenny, ab workout

A life in fitness

...A life spent helping people through education, motivation and perspiration

Keep up with Jenny...

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