I specialise in working 1-to-1 with my clients and have loved teaching like this for over 20 years. I don’t over-fill my diary or run a production line of just basic, gym-based training. Everything is bespoke.

My job is to get the best possible results for you. Everyone is different, so I work out a diet and exercise programme that is achievable and gets the right results. Having a health and fitness expert there at hand to ask any questions, to tweek your programme, to monitor your results, to chat over any problems is a huge advantage and ultimately will get you to where you want to go, faster.

People who pay for a personal service are much more likely to follow advice and make things happen! This is an investment in you, in your health and fitness, in your future. Doing things your way, working out on your own has got you to where you are today

Its sooooo easy to not workout, to have an extra glass of wine, to buy a chocolate bar at the petrol station!… All these extra bits add up and don’t get results! Having someone to be accountable to is essential if you’re serious about getting results.