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Over the course of 14 days, I'll kickstart your metabolism, get your fat loss into gear and show you how, with just 30 minutes exercise a day, in your own home, you can be fitter, leaner and stronger in just two weeks.

Train With Jenny

Get ahead of the game this Easter and start on your summer body whilst still enjoying your Easter eggs! I'll be with you every day with a different workout, a different meal plan and a motivational video to keep you on your toes.

This programme, including all the workouts, is yours to keep and have lifetime access to continue on past Easter and maintain the great progress you'll have made by the end of the two weeks

Train With Jenny

Feel the difference, in just 14 days, this programme will make to your body and energy levels

You'll get 14 workouts that target every part of your body. It's the perfect balance to exercise mind, body and soul

As well as the workouts you'll also get 14 motivational videos from me, to keep you on track

You'll also get a 14 day meal plan, to flood your body with energy and nutrients so you can smash the workouts!

All that for just £14

Buy 14 day challenge
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