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The Twelve Days of Christmas

Why wait until new year to start on your resolution to get fitter and stronger?

With the twelve days of Christmas, by the time you hit 25th December, you'll be on the road to boosting your energy levels, improving your mental health, sliding into those skinny jeans and increasing your fitness, while all around you are breathing in and searching for that hole in their belt!

You get 12 workouts, each just 30 minutes long, and you get to keep and repeat all the workouts for life. There's printables to keep you on track too! To find out more and sign up, simply click on the button...

Get Jenny's fantastic cook e-book half price!

There's over 40 recipes, and all meals are covered; Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Every meal is barcoded for 'My Fitness Pal', as well as macro calculated to ensure you keep right on top of your protein, calorie and carbohydrate intake.

Even better, this black friday, you can get the book with 50% off!

Just click on the button below, and don't forget to use the special discount code, 'blackfriday' (all lower case).

Get cooking healthy, tasty meals for you and your family today!

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