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We're so excited you've joined The Intermittent Fasting Group for Beginners; Your first step to the 'You' that you want to be

Healthy Food

Welcome, and thank you for joining. Over the duration of the course you'll get all the exercise, information, support and expertise to make fasting easier and make your nutrition and exercise more sustainable.

All that, combined with your will power and commitment and my many years of experience and expertise with fasting, nutrition and exercise, we'll get there together.


All videos and classes will be on demand, so you can do them when and where you like!

I'm getting ready to start on the 16th of January. I know you're going to absolutely love the classes and I'm excited to get to know you and see you succeed.

  • 4 training sessions a week (all classes are on replay)

  • Daily coaching, Monday - Friday

  • Daily check in

  • My fantastic e-book with 44 healthy recipes, all calorie and macro calculated

  • Membership to private Facebook community

What to do next:


Join the facebook group so you're ready for the classes, information and various videos I'll be posting.

We'd love you to introduce yourself.

Download my e-book by clicking on the link here.

(Once you've saved it onto your chosen device, you

may want to print some/all of it off, or have it on

your device with you in the kitchen!?)

Download my ultimate 6 week planner

Join the classes by clicking on the Zoom logo

(full link also included below, inc password).

Password: 1234 ...

Join here
  • Facebook

So, to summarise:

Join the facebook group so you're ready for the classes. We'd love you to introduce yourself. Download the book and the planner and join me live (if you can) on Zoom.

Just in case, here's the full Zoom link for all the classes:

The code is always: 1234

That's it! You've done it. You're here and you're already on a positive path to a fitter you with a better understanding of how intermittent fasting will help you. Enjoy the classes, the check ins, the private facebook page, the coaching and the downloadable planner. I'm really proud of my e-book and I hope you enjoy that too.

See you very soon,

Jenny x

This is a private page with private links and information, exclusively for members of Train with Jenny's online IF for Beginners group coaching.

All images and downloadables are private content owned by Jenny Palmer Fitness and Train with Jenny.

No personal information of Jenny, or of the members of this group should or will be shared with anyone else.

To view Jenny's privacy policy, click here.

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