We're so excited you've joined The Intermittent Fasting Group for Beginners; Your first step to the 'You' that you want to be

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Welcome, and thank you for joining. Over the duration of the course you'll get all the exercise, information, support and expertise to make fasting easier and make your nutrition and exercise more sustainable.

All that, combined with your will power and commitment and my many years of experience and expertise with fasting, nutrition and exercise, we'll get there together.


I'm getting ready to start on the 17th of January. I know you're going to absolutely love the classes and I'm excited to get to know you and see you succeed.

A full class time table and links will hit your inbox soon and you'll also be able to find it in the Facebook group.

All videos and classes will be on demand, so you can do them when and where you like!

What to do next:

Join the facebook group so you're ready for the classes, information and various videos I'll be posting . We'd love you to introduce yourself, but if you'd rather be a silent observer, that's fine too.

ps: Everything is emailed to you as well.

Love Jenny

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