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Congratulations, you've taken the step to a better you in 2024.

I'm so pleased you're here and I know you'll love the classes. You'll also love how much better you'll be feeling. Let me know too? I love to hear.

Make sure you add your check-ins in the comments for the classes. The consistency and accountability will be crucial to your success.

Lastly, enjoy yourself!

Love, Jenny

What to do next...

Join the Facebook community by clicking on the logo

Join the classes by clicking on the Zoom logo

(full link also included below, inc password). Password: 1234 ...

FB logo.jpg
Zoom logo.png

In case you missed it, here's week one's class schedule:

(I'll email you following weeks schedules nearer the time)

So, to summarise:

Join the facebook group so you're ready for the classes. We'd love you to introduce yourself.

Just in case, here's the full Zoom link for all the classes:

The code is always: 1234

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