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YES! You've done it. It's a new year and you've taken a step to a better you!

I'll show you how, in just 5 days, you can make a real, noticeable improvement to how you feel. In return for your commitment, I'll show you how you can feel better in such a short priod of time.

We're not going to change the world. Trying to do too much too quickly is just too daunting. This programme is perfect if you're new to combining exercise with intermittent fasting, or to help you kick-start your health and fitness routine.

I'll introduce how you can make fasting easier and make your nutrition and exercise more sustainable.

You won't need any fitness equipment and it's for anyone of any age or ability.

This programme is a great taster for you to see what can be done in a short time frame.

I've got your back!

What's included:


Starting Monday 8th January, running for 5 days, you'll get:

  • Daily coaching sessions, live (or on demand) at 8pm (London time)

  • 4 classes (schedule below)

  • Membership to private Facebook community

  • The chance to join my next 4 week online programme, starting January 22nd, at a discounted rate

All videos and classes will be on demand, so you can do them when and where you like!

5 day challenge class schedule.png

Remember, the classes and the coaching are live AND on-demand. So, if you can't make live on in the Facebook group, no worries! My programmes fit in with your busy schedule. Just complete the class or watch the coaching later and add the comment #replay. All my online programmes have members from around the world, which I absolutely love, so catch up on replay and let me know!

What to do next:


Join the facebook group so you're ready for the classes, coaching and information I'll be posting.

We'd love you to introduce yourself.

Join the classes by clicking on the Zoom logo

(full link also included below, inc password).

Password: 1234 ...

Join here
  • Facebook

So, to summarise:

Join the facebook group so you're ready for the classes. We'd love you to introduce yourself. Join me live (if you can) on Zoom.

Just in case, here's the full Zoom link for all the classes:

The code is always: 1234

That's it! You've done it. You're here and you're already on a positive path to a fitter you. If you give maximum effort during this short space of time, in just 5 days I'll show what you can achieve!

Enjoy the classes, the private facebook page and the coaching.

See you very soon,

Jenny x

This is a private page with private links and information, exclusively for members of Train with Jenny's free online 5 day fitness and fat loss challenge.

All images and live streaming are private content owned by Jenny Palmer Fitness and Train with Jenny.

No personal information of Jenny, or of the members of this group should or will be shared with anyone else.

To view Jenny's privacy policy, click here.

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