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Welcome to The Live Lounge

We're so excited you've joined The Live Lounge.

You're going to love it!

There are 50 other ladies already inside the group and they'll make you feel very welcome.

I'll keep a look out for you on your first class. Remember, I give lots of exercise alternatives throughout the classes, so whatever your level, you're guaranteed to feel amazing after each session. Keep a look out for the favourites... Indoor Power Walk and the meditation sessions. Take a look at the timetable for April, and don't forget to join the Facebook group below. I'll see you on zoom!

Live Lounge April 2022.png

Don't forget!.. classes are every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm GMT (London/Lisbon), with a health and fitness lecture once a month on a Thursday evening at 8pm.

Classes will be via Zoom and live on the Facebook group, where you'll be able to watch on demand.

What to do next:

Join here

Join the facebook group so you're ready for the classes. We'd love you to introduce yourself.

Here is your Zoom link for all the classes:

The code is always: 1234

ps: If you're not on Facebook or don't like to use it, we've got you covered. Everything is emailed to you and the classes are on Zoom

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Love Jenny

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