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In a world of information overload, we're all about implementation.


The Live Lounge breaks down all the barriers to getting fit and staying in shape.


Join me, Jenny, live, twice a week from the comfort of your own home, and be part of the most inclusive fitness club in the world!

Work out in the comfort of your own home


Two live classes every week, available on catch up too


Monthly expert health and fitness seminar

Personal trainer-led fitness classes at a price everyone can afford

No worries about what you're wearing or what you look like when you get sweaty

No worries about your starting fitness level

No expensive gym membership

No travel. No barriers.

What's included...

Live classes every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30pm (also available on demand)

Membership to a private Facebook group, which is where the classes will be streamed. However, if you're not a Facebook user, we've got you covered as it'll all be on email and Zoom.

New class timetable each month, so it's always fresh, as well as a monthly fitness semina and guest appearances from external experts within the wider fitness community.

Online Fitness

What the members say...

"I have 3 kids and with limited time i was so happy to see Jenny is now online with The Live Lounge! She is a fantastic coach, giving a broad spectrum of classes and difficulty levels within them"

- Sarah S. Busy mother of three boys

"The classes are fantastic! As someone that hasn’t exercised regularly before I was apprehensive but Jenny is so encouraging. I am already feeling the benefits after just a couple of weeks. I love the fact that I can do it from home with nobody to see when I get out of step or have a wobble"

- Carly S. Working mother of two children

"The Live Lounge with Jenny has removed all my barriers to exercise! I can stay in the warm, I don’t have to worry about childcare and all at an extremely reasonable cost. The exercise sessions are different each time, there's no pressure or competition and Jenny provides alternative options to push harder or make the exercise easier. Everyone can take part! I'm hooked!"

- Hannah H

Live Lounge Schedule
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